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Hello and welcome to WileysWorld.com. The official website of Wiley's World Pasta Shoppe & Eatery in Ashland Oregon. You might be wondering why in the world would a small restaurant need a website? Our reply, "Why Not!"
Our website could be viewed as an extension of our restaurant and the spirits of all the folks who help create the Wiley's World experience. We thought it would be fun to share our unique restaurant and its playful spirit with a much larger community and what better a way than on the
W O R L D W I D E web.

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While visiting our website you will be able to play unique games, have your photo taken by Wiley online, as well as learning all about our restaurant's history and how two credit cards and a prayer opened the door to our dreams.

Wiley's World Celebrates 11 Years

Wiley's World celebrates 11 years of serving Ashlanders and visitors alike the best fresh organic pasta in the universe. Visit our restaurant and see what all the talk is about. Bring home fresh made ravioli, noodles and sauces, or sit and let us serve you one of our delicious, healthy lunches or dinners. Wheat free and egg-free pastas are also available.

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